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The AEG BE330362KM is a built-in and MultiFunction oven, with a large net capacity of 72 litres. Choose from a number of cooking modes, including fan cooking, SteamBake, and grill, to achieve mouth-watering food every day of the week. It’s also exclusive to Euronics, so you won’t find this fantastic product anywhere else.

Multifunction Cooking at its Best

Achieve your desired result with this oven’s wide range of features - choose from various options such as fan, conventional, and grilling, for a more versatile cooking experience.

The Hot Air Fan System ensures that hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity, for a cooking process that is faster and more energy efficient.

The BE330362KM couldn’t be easier to use – simply set the retractable rotary controls and choose from the plethora of available programmes. Set the fully programmable timer with LED display to give you even more home-cooking control.

These features mean you can cook everything from pizzas and grilled meats to pastries and desserts, both quickly and easily. This AEG oven also comes with an enamel dripping pan and a range of shelves, so that you can get baking straightaway.

SteamBake Cooking

Many professional chefs already take advantage of steam in their cooking. Whether it’s grilling, poaching, or baking, the inclusion of steam leads to better looking, better tasting, and more nutritious food. AEG have taken this advanced cooking method and added it to this easy-to-use, every-day oven.

Simply add 100 ml of water into the cavity at the bottom of the oven, and select the True Fan Cooking function. Then press the SteamBake button, and after only five minutes, you are good to go. The steam creates a humid atmosphere for the first 10–15 minutes of baking, which allows the dough to rise. This will give you an improved bake every time, with fluffy textures and golden crusts.

The SteamBake function will have you baking bread, cakes, and pastries like the professionals in no time.

Steam Cleaning

The combination of AQUA cleaning and enamel liners remove the need to get your oven clean using harsh chemicals, or spending hours scrubbing.

By taking advantage of the SteamBake function, which creates steam inside the oven, any burnt-on food or grease is loosened and easy to remove, with the simple wipe of a damp cloth.

Stylish and Durable Design

This oven is stylish and elegant, with a stainless steel finish and triple glazed glass door. Stainless steel is durable, corrosion-resistant, as well as being easy to clean and maintain. The oven door is SoftClose, shutting automatically when it reaches a certain angle in a smooth and quiet movement.

You can be sure your BE330362KM oven will look great for years to come, with minimal time or effort.

The BE330362KM is not just stylish and elegant, but it also gives you a huge range of cooking options – order yours today.


Main Oven Cavity 72 L
Energy Consumption (Conventional) 0.93 kWh
Energy Consumption (Convection/Hot Air) 0.85 kWh
Number of Cavities 1
Function (Main Oven) Convection Conventional
Built-in Installation Yes
Oven Type Single
Cooking Method BakingGrilling
Input Voltage 230 V AC
Colour Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Build Type Built-in
Height 59.4 cm
Width 59.4 cm
Depth 56.8 cm
Weight 32 kg